Monday, May 26, 2008

here are a few reasons i want a mac...

Ben and I both desire to own one of these incredible machines.  Since we're house-sitting for Bobby and Kelli this weekend, I figured I would take advantage of the fact that they are fortunate enough to own a Mac.  Currently, Ben is asleep and I can't seem to find a comfortable position, so I resorted to a few 7th grade tactics.  What can you expect at 1:17 in the morning?  

(P.S. I get annoyed when people say redundant things like 7A.M. in the morning...duh, the A.M. implies morning.  You can use one or the other, but you don't need both.)

DISCLAIMER: It is late, I know I don't look cute...that's not the point!  Try and see the humor as I do.

I have always wanted a twin!  (Maybe one that's not connect to me though...)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the theme of these pictures.  I'm trying to show off my new teeth.  My bottom braces were taken off earlier this week, so I want the world to see how nice my mouth looks now.  In these shots, I've got on my night guard (I grind my teeth) and a stellar bottom retainer.  Ben is so lucky that he gets to sleep next to me each night!  :)

Square head, large nose, tiny eyes...just plain ugly!  (Yet those bottom teeth are still so straight)

A "normal" picture to use as a comparison.

If I can take this x-ray picture with a computer, why the heck does it cost so much for a similar photo with my orthodontist?  Okay, so it's not quite the fact, this is much scarier!

Tasteful, & white!  :)  I'm also doing my best to show off those pearly whites.  (You can't blame me, braces are not cheap.  I'm so thankful my mom and dad paid for them the first time around.  I had no idea how much they could set you back.  Ben and I are saving now for our kids...we might have enough banked by then, but there are no guarantees.)

WARNING: Extreme close-up!

Hottie!  (Enough said.)

This post might be deleted tomorrow morning - a few hours of sleep might change my mind!

P.S.  I'm pretty sure the Apple company is going to come knocking on my door...hoping to use this as a great form of advertising for their incredible machines!  (Oh, and the formatting on Blogger works much better with a Mac...reason enough to make the switch.)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

life... good because God is good!
As of late -
  • House-sitting for the 'rents this past weekend

  • Preparing to spend Mother's Day with the Simmons family...which means we're also celebrating May birthdays. There are at least 6!

  • Jamie graduated from Westmont over the weekend (M & D attended the festivities in Santa Barbara and that's why Ben and I were at their house). CONGRATS TO HER FOR GRADUATING EARLY WITH A DOUBLE MAJOR!

  • I finished my Professional Certification classes! My original teaching certificate (issued in July of 2004) expires in June of 2010. So, in the lovely state of Washington I have 3 options. I could have applied for an extension, earned my Professional Certification, or worked towards my National Board Certification. Since I'm guessing we'll have kids someday, I decided to get this out of the way now. An extension wasn't an option for me. Instead, Pro-Cert was my route of choice. It's a class divided into 3 parts. The Pre-Assessment class was something I completed last year at this time. In the middle, I had to take 9 credits that were aimed at my goal (I used classes from my Master's Program), and then Culminating piece is the class I just finished. By the end of this summer I should have my Master's completed and then I'll be good to go for another 2 years. After that, I'll have to be sure that I'm earning 15 credits every 5 years. DOESN'T THE FIELD OF EDUCATION SOUND SO ENTICING?

  • Searching for Dessert Auction documents - I know they're around here somewhere.

  • Loving my marriage - Ben and I are communicating well, focused on what matters most, and things are running smoothly these days. I am just enjoying him more than ever...he's the best! He's so thoughtful these days. Every time I turn around he's surprising me with the little things (making sure there's gas in both cars, taking out the garbage, helping with laundry and the dishes, working lots of extra hours washing windows, washing the cars, and playing endless rounds of Ticket to Ride). He's the best!

  • <-- He is so stinkin' cute!

  • Enjoying each day with my students - we've had a lot of fun reading about Japan between the 9th and 12th centuries (samurai warriors, ninjas, foot binding, aristocrat homes, cosmetics, manners, beauty, shallow societies, etc.) The kids are soaking it all up and realizing that life exists outside of "their world."

  • Mid-term grades for the students = entering late work, updating grades, tracking down missing work, printing out grades, responding to parent emails ("he/she said they turned in this assignment"), collecting signed Progress Reports

  • Preparing for the Maywood Middle School Talent Show...the auditions are so much fun! I wish I could make a video of these and post them. They're so sweet (often funny too).

  • Being spoiled this week (Teacher Appreciation Week) by our PTSA - they had gifts donated and each day several teachers have their name drawn. My name has yet to be pulled and I'm okay with that...the big gifts are still out there (a weekend at Chelan, a day at the spa, etc.). They have also arranged to feed us lunch each day. These parents are amazing! I guess you could say that this kind of appreciation makes up for the endless credits I am supposed to be earning.

  • End-of-the-year stuff - Ordering supplies for my team, finalizing elections for next year's ASB officers, putting together the packet for potential Leadership students, trying to squeeze as much curriculum into the next few weeks, working around chaotic school schedules, attempting to make progress on my work-to-do list, hanging out on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help kids with their failing grades (and credit retrieval for failed classes throughout the year), waiting for next year's master schedule (to see who will stay and who will leave), filling out recommendations for the potential Leadership students, looking into nannying part-time for the summer, trying to find a time to squeeze in a trip to NY to see my best friend (who still needs to start a blog)

  • Annoyed by Brianna and Joey - these are 2 of the individuals on this season's Real World. Joey has a drinking problem, but he's getting help from Dr. Drew, so that's good. However, Brianna is a mess...I don't even know where to start. Although these characters frustrate me, I still watch this crazy show (and I love it).

  • It's a great season in my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything (although, I could use more than the 3 hours of sleep I got last night).