Thursday, December 2, 2010

the cutest advent calendar ever...

...was recently created by my mother!  She made this for Gavin and now we're all coveting it.  :)

It was hanging up at my mom's house when we were there for Thanksgiving.  I think my dad was hoping it would stay at their house (my dad is the biggest fan of Christmas...EVER).  However, I believe it is now out in Maple Valley hanging with the it should be.

How sweet are all of the little mittens?  We used the Cricut to cut out the tiny numbers.  Then, my mom glued them on to these tags she had covered in festive papers. 

Since last year, my mom's had a plan.  She knew she wanted to do something like this for her grandchild.  (Gavin was a little too young to appreciate it last year.)  So, grandma was on the lookout for mittens.  She made some, bought some and found some in her own decorative stash. 

There's plenty of room inside these little mittens to leave behind an advent treat.

Jamie was insisting that she should get the advent calendar since my mom has known her much longer than she has Gavin.  I'm not sure that's fair play, but she's got a point.  :)

Can't wait to see what grandma has in store for Gavin's little sister.  :)