Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the cutest spill you've ever seen...

The day the NCAA bracket was announced, Ben and I went over the Bobby and Kelli's to watch the blessed event.  While we were there, Gavin decided to swipe some of the adult snacks.  We were all laughing at how cute he looked toting around a Coke bottle and a large bag of pretzels.  At one point, the combination proved to be a bit too heavy and the items fell to the floor.  Then, in slow motion (it seemed), we watched as Gavin picked up the bag of pretzels from the wrong end.

He was far more concerned than any of us.  We couldn't get enough.

Then, without any prompting, the little man decided to pick up his mess...one pretzel at a time.

I love him!

Monday, March 22, 2010

my day in numbers...

A couple weeks ago I took a few notes at work.  The numbers jumped out at me.  So, it's my work-day for your viewing pleasure...I also included a few pictures.
  • 28 new emails (as of 1:38 this afternoon)
  • 1 T.A. who deserved congratulations for landing the lead role in Willy Wanka Jr.
  • 3 "Frequent Flyer" issues - those students who have an excessive number of absences (22, 19, 20) and as a result, have failing or near-failing grades.  This means a lot of time was devoted to emailing parents, touching base with the attendance secretary and talking with other teachers to get their feedback.  Oh, and you'll be happy to know that one of these kids brought in a note asking to be excused from school for a week-long vacation.  Really?
  • 7 requests to use the restroom (1 student asked twice).  When I told him to wait 10 minutes and then ask me, he totally forgot.
  • 4 testing dates were scheduled (after school next week) for those who need to make-up missing work/exams
  • 16 emails composed and sent out
  • 62 vocabulary packets collected
  • 62 vocabulary packets graded (see picture)
  • 62 vocabulary packet scores were entered into the online gradebook
  • 15 no-name assignments currently decorate the front of my classroom (they hang from the whiteboard)
  • 11 miles to work, 11 miles home
  • 1 class covered during my prep period (only about 15 minutes or so) due to a cheating student.  This young man decided to take pictures of his notes with his phone.  Then, when it was time for the test, he pulled out his cellular device and used those photos to help him ace the test.  Bummer for him that he got caught!
  • 1 joke told by me (saw it on Facebook).  What do you call a short, fortune-teller who has escaped from jail?  A small medium at large.  :)
  • 10.25 hours spent at work today (the view from my desk is pictured below) and I'm still taking 3 different assignments home to grade
  • 1 incredibly supportive 7th grade team...I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOO MUCH!
  • 7 fun folks to sit with and enjoy lunch - away from the classroom and away from the chaos
  • 6 years of teaching and I can't imagine doing anything else
  • 68 days until summer though!  :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

as of late...

Life is busy, but full.  I am blessed beyond measure!

Don't judge, but here's our bedroom...right now!  We were house-sitting for my folks up until this last Monday night.  As a result, there are bags, clothes, shoes, books, slippers, and basketballs (?!?!) hanging out in our sleeping quarters.  Real nice.  (Can you tell that I've been putting in some long hours at work and choosing to spend time outside in the sunshine as opposed to picking things up and putting life back together?)

These little beauties are a new favorite of mine.  I was able to justify the purchase because our school colors are green and gold.  Every month we have a spirit day and these will be a perfect fit for the festivities.  That, and they came in handy for St. Patrick's Day.  :)

Sometimes I find myself needing a creative outlet when I've spent too many hours grading papers.  So, when I should be keeping up with lesson plans, I turn to this sort of thing.  Above, you'll find my first attempt at a hair accessory...I've played around with the design a few times and I think I like my more recent creations.  They still needs work though...

I am spending a TON of time with these young ladies.  Meet my 4 officers.  They are loads of fun, and together, we've done some new things around Maywood this year.  Right now, we're enjoying our own version of March Madness.  Today, we had a cheer competition at lunch and it far exceeded my expectations!  On Monday, we have a Slam Dunk Competition (you have to be the first one to take your tater tots, dunk them in ketchup, and eat 'em).  It's been a blast.  However, it's also been a bit time-consuming...worth every minute though.  :)

Playing around with my camera is still high on my list of things-to-do-in-order-to-avoid-grading.  Not that this is a great photo, but it clearly shows my need to keep learning!  :)  I also like it because of the cutie-patootie in the background...fuzzy as he may be.

Tomorrow the trimester ends and I couldn't be happier! 
Grades will be finished and that brings me even more joy!