Saturday, September 27, 2008

it's so hard to say goodbye... Dusty and Kara!

Today we (Joel, Erin & Cami, Chris, Christy & Case, Erik & Krista, Kim & Dave, Dave & Doreen, and Terry) helped our friends move out. I should actually clarify...Ben helped with the moving. I did a lot of standing around, holding babies. It was great! :)

Since I failed to post these pictures earlier, I figure now is a good time. A while back, we had a going-away party for our friends. Check out the fun...

Who attended...
Todd, Jessica & Hailey
Greg & Kelly

Ben & I

Chris & Christy


The girls were a bit bored by all of the football we decided to take the fun outside. Here we are demonstrating our croquette skills (or lack of).

Kelly totally makes this sport look cool...and cute!

Kara looks so...graceful?!?!

These two pictures of Jessica are my favorite! She is so stinkin' funny...I love spending time with her. Oh, and she and I were on the same team. I'm pretty sure we won!

Hailey was by far the most adorable player!

Some of the girls

Some of the fellas

Goodbye kisses


Shelly said...

Do I have the cutest great niece and great nephew or what!

Doreen T. said...

Thanks for helping K&D yesterday. (I hear Ben was the master packer of the truck!) You guys have been, and will continue to be, great friends. Loved the photos!

J Yo said...

Oh, how the Hamlins will be missed!! Fun pics, Anne...I love hanging out with you, too!

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah!! (Did you like my Parent Trap reference??)

Robica said...

Looks like fun! I'm sure you're planning on visiting-we should coordinate and meet there!