Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the cutest...

...twins in the world (although Shawna and Scotty are pretty cute too)!

Ella - The more relaxed of the 2 sisters. Ella doesn't really fuss too much and she's a pretty easy-going little lady. She loves to cuddle and she's quite good at burping up her food.

Evie - I didn't get a close up picture of Evie this time. I'm already struggling to "keep things fair." She is a mama's girl...or a daddy's girl. Basically, she just wants to be some body's girl. She loves to be held and she doesn't want to miss out on any of the action. She's not a fan of sleeping all too often either.


We spent the night at Emily and Ryan's last Wednesday. This was done for 2 reasons - 1) Ben and Ryan were playing football early on Thursday morning up in Edmonds and there was no way we were going to make that drive on Thanksgiving. 2) The extra night with Emily and Ryan, also meant more time with Evie and Ella! To some this may seem selfish...to us, we recognize it as a duty - as an auntie and uncle!

Wednesday night we stayed up late and played a round of Settlers. Emily did well as a first-time player. And although Ben and Ryan argued over the game as if it truly mattered, my husband proved victorious. I also think it's important to note that I was planning to lay down the win with my next turn. Ben was seated to my right and his turn preceded mine...I could taste the victory and then it was quickly stolen.

Emily is playing with Evie on her lap. I held Ella most of the game...they're just so cute. Anything that only weighs 8 pounds is just absolutely adorable!

Once Ella's eyelids became heavy, I put her in here to sleep. She watched us play for a few moments and then she was off to dreamland. So sweet!

Thanksgiving on the Island was great. The ferry ride there and back were not as pleasant. I could do without the waits. Oh well. We had some yummy food and it was nice to see Grandma Nancy, Bob, Kathie, Don and Suzy.

Check out the cute grandparents. Can you tell that they're thrilled to have these little blessings (Evie on the left with grandpa, Ella on the right with grandma)? It's great too...one for each of 'em.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind words on my blog...it really helps to have the encouragement of friends

shawna said...

thanks for the shout~out, anne :) very cute!!