Sunday, January 10, 2010

jamie's 24th birthday...

We celebrated last night with all the family (minus Ben, because he had to work).  Here are a few shots from the night.  You'll notice that Gavin is a fun target to shoot...the adults aren't as fond of the camera.  :)

As you can see, Gavin is thrilled to be in attendance at the party!  He is screaming out of pure excitement.  This kid is LOUD...just more proof that he's a Weber.

Jordan, enjoying the delicious food...some of which he made.  Not only is my mom a great cook, but both Jordan and Jamie can make a mean dish!  They're creative about their food that makes it fun for everyone.

I think this is my favorite picture of Gavin from our evening together.  He's just too cute!  Those cheeks, that smile, and those curls!

Jim, Jamie's dad, relaxing and taking it all in.  He's not a loud guy, so I'm sure the noise at the Weber house can be a bit overwhelming.  Poor guy.  :)

Or maybe this one is my favorite?!?!  There are simply too many to choose from.

Auntie Jamie, the birthday girl, with the little man.  (I wish I would have turned my flash off for this one...I'm a slow learner sometimes.)

Jered's girlfriend (long-time now), Jill.  We really like her and she already feels like family.  The fact that she puts up with everyone is a huge bonus!  :)

I {heart} him!

How sweet are these two?  Yeah, we like 'em.  They are full of soooooo much love...for each other and everyone around them.  What a blessing!

...and another one...

Since Ben couldn't join us in the celebration, I figured I should at least make it a point to photograph one of his favorite members of the family.  So, here's Sam!  (Ben is obsessed with BIG SAM!)

Here's another one for my husband...


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Good pictures, Anne!

anne said...

Big Sam is the best. Big Samma Lamma Ding Dong. He's so big and soft and he likes to cuddle. Sometimes he drools on you, though, and I don't like that. I try to give him some extra treats, because he is my favorite. I have to make sure Jersey doesn't steal them, he likes to do that. Big Sam is the best.