Thursday, June 26, 2008

sewing class...

We had a great time last night. Kara, Christy and I made an attempt to expand our talents. I think we did well for first-timers. We can't wait for next week! The pictures below will help tell the story of last night's events.

Christy is excited that we finally get to use the machine (we had to sit there for a while and learn all about the parts before we were allowed to actually sew).

I'm not really sure what Kara is doing here...just being Kara!

This is where things got tangled for Christy. Her machine pooped-out.

In this shot, Kara is trying to help Christy trouble-shoot her machine (such an expert already).

Christy is either laughing so hard she's got tears in her eyes, or she's upset about the machine.

We were asked to sew a straight line and you can see that Christy's machine was not cooperating...however, Kara's new machine (thanks to Dusty) did a great job!


Kara said...

sew much fun!

Robica said...

where's your stuff?

Stefanie said...

Anne, I am a friend of Christy;s, Kara's, etc..and have read your blog for awhile :) (hope you don't mind!) I loved this sewing post, it cracked me up!! And I am with D on this one: where's yours?? I cannot wait to see your progress, ladies!

Chris/ty said...

Oh my word. SO (or should I saw "sew") much fun! Hopefully I can get a machine that works this time... although I am not sure if it will help me that much :)

Loved the disney pics! Looks like a blast.