Saturday, July 5, 2008

more sewing fun...

On Wednesday night, we had another sewing class. This time we actually had the opportunity to create something. Check out the fun...and the incredible aprons!

Above - Kara & Christy ironing (and posing).

Above - Kara's Fabric

Above - Christy's Fabric

Above - My Fabric

And here are the final products...

We had a lot of fun and we were extremely proud of our work. A huge thanks goes out to Kora, our instructor. I should also let you know that we wore our aprons home and our husbands (who were altogether playing video games and watching Case) were prompted to shower us with compliments. Oh, and Kara is especially sensitive about her apron...she needs some affirmation. :)


Robica said...

All your aprons looks fab! What's next?

Anonymous said...

I saw that same smile, Christy, on your dad at Wild Horse Canyon. Must be the hobby smile!
Lovely work, ladies!

Aunt Stacy