Friday, October 24, 2008

brace yourself...

A Friday Night at the Simmons' House (really, it's just a condo)
  • I laid down around 4:30 to take a quick nap
  • Talked to my dad for a bit
  • Ben talked to his mom (about the twins and all)
  • Didn't really sleep due to the conversations taking place - no big deal
  • Ben made me a sandwich for dinner...I told him I didn't really feel like cooking (cute, huh?)
  • Convinced Ben to come talk to me while I was attempting to get out of bed
  • Ben fell asleep around 6:30
  • I ate my yummy sandwich while Ben slept
  • Packed-up my school stuff (Master's class) and headed to the library - I needed to get away from the distractions here at home. 3 papers need to be written and 2 discussions need to be posted. I must work on it all this weekend!
  • Library was closed
  • Relocated to Safeway - they have free WiFi
  • Realized I didn't bring the right stuff for my class...LAME
  • Graded vocabulary quizzes instead
  • Called Ben on my way back home and he was still sleeping. I told him to take out his contacts...then go back to sleep if he still wanted to.
  • Came home to a cute husband nestled in bed
  • Sat on the couch, read through some blogs, watched a taped episode of Ace of Cakes, checked my email, Facebook and MySpace
  • Never even considered working on the Master's class crap again!
  • Now I'm thinking about heading to bed myself. I will be up tomorrow fairly early for a trip into Seattle. 4 of us (7th grade teachers) are meeting to take the Seattle Underground Tour. We're planning a field trip for the spring and in order to write up some grants, we want to know exactly what to expect. I'm excited!

(We were supposed to go see the twins tomorrow - they're both home - but that will have to wait until next weekend. Emily and Ryan have been showered with support and you can only fit so many people into their house at once. So, we will patiently wait for our chance to hang out with the girls. They're just so cute...)

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