Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the cutest spill you've ever seen...

The day the NCAA bracket was announced, Ben and I went over the Bobby and Kelli's to watch the blessed event.  While we were there, Gavin decided to swipe some of the adult snacks.  We were all laughing at how cute he looked toting around a Coke bottle and a large bag of pretzels.  At one point, the combination proved to be a bit too heavy and the items fell to the floor.  Then, in slow motion (it seemed), we watched as Gavin picked up the bag of pretzels from the wrong end.

He was far more concerned than any of us.  We couldn't get enough.

Then, without any prompting, the little man decided to pick up his mess...one pretzel at a time.

I love him!


tiffany jeanne said...

this is REALLY cute. :) I had to laugh, also, because this all-too-often happens at my house. :)

nicole said...

His face in that first picture is priceless, so so cute!