Tuesday, June 1, 2010

following directions...

...or not!

Here's what we did in class today.  This lesson never gets old, NEVER!  :)

(Please excuse the quality of these photos.  I had used the Print Screen option to make this show up.)

Any of you actually follow the directions? 

I had 2 kids in my 1/2 block (of 32) who did what they were supposed to.  The rest of the class simply untied their shoelaces, crawled under their desks, spun around a few times and failed to carefully read the assignment.  Regardless, this task always creates great discussion...and a reminder as to why we read directions!  


Robin said...

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE this! I've done it with my class every year when we hit the point where we struggled with following directions and listening. I would have loved to see the look on your kids faces that actually did all of it! =)

Rebecca Anne said...

Hahaha that is hilarious!!!! I love it.