Tuesday, November 6, 2007

not a good day...

It started with a car accident. On my way to work, a gentleman decided to hit me. He crashed into the back of my car (thankfully, I was driving the 4Runner) and hit me so hard that it pushed my vehicle into the truck in front of me. I was at a light and the traffic was slowly starting to move. The gentleman behind me said he saw us all move, put his foot on the gas and then LEANED OVER TO GRAB HIS COFFEE! That's when I felt it. The noise was crazy loud, the force was insane and I couldn't believe what was happening. The hit was so hard that it caused Ben's coin tray (ashtray) to fly open and spew forth coins. The inside cover for his sun roof hit the front frame and then started to slide back. My apple cider took flight immediately.

  • no one was hurt
  • the gentleman who hit me was nice
  • the officer who took the report was friendly
  • the school was understanding of my late arrival (I was supposed to be at a training today at 8 and I showed up a little before 10)
  • the insurance companies took care of us (after a bazillion phone calls)
  • my husband was able to come to save me and make sure all the details were taken care of while I spent time at work and at the CovingtonUrgent Care
  • I have some "happy pills" to control the pain in my neck
  • my mom was ready to drop everything to help me out
  • my brother called to check in on me
  • Hillary drove me home
  • AAA came and towed Ben's car
  • We've got a rental car
  • My dad was full of great advice
  • Did I mention that my husband was/is amazing!?!?
However, I didn't get a picture of the damage. I wish you could see it!


Chris/ty said...

oh dear! What a bad day. I am so glad you are ok! I will be praying for your neck. That can be so painful!

Kara said...

yikes! So sorry to hear about the crash.

Doreen T. said...

Wow! Definitely NOT a good day. We're thanking God with you that you are all right. Has Kara ever told you how her aunt made a fortune and took European vacations on her "pain and suffering" settlements?

Robica said...

So glad you're ok! That is scary. How are you feeling??

Kara said...

my aunt? what aunt?

J Yo said...

Oh, Anne...I'm so sorry! It's the WORST to be in a car wreck...hope your neck feels better soon!

Rich Sclafani said...

glad you are ok!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful you are OK. Take care though. I was rear ended on 405 several years ago and it took a while to recover from the whip lash. Lots of hot baths helped.
Stacy Keen

e said...

Oh Anne! I'm so behind in my blogreading, I had no idea until you said something! I'm so sorry...yikes. Scary stuff. So glad you're okay and yeah, anytime you want to drive a nice Hyundai Elantra... ;)