Thursday, January 10, 2008

bowling in the living room...

Ben & Bobby demonstrating some skills. Of course, Bobby kicked our butts...he's good at anything sports related and he doesn't even have to try. It's not fair.

Watching my dad bowl is the best - I'm convinced he's going to run into the television. He starts at the back of the room and then ends up nearly touching the screen. It's awesome!

We should start a league. I currently hold the highest score...255. Go ahead, get jealous! If we started a league, we could each get a cool shirt (with our names) and we won't have to worry about shoes...we can play in my mom and dad's living room. Waiting for an open lane is a thing of the past. Ah, good times...

Kelli is so cute as she bowls. Look at the form...and the smile!

Here's my favorite bowler. She's got on her Christmas best - skirt and apron - and yet she still came in and put up a fight. As I recall, she was ranked up near the top. Way to go mom!

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J Yo said...

Your mom bowling in an apron...I never thought I'd see that, so THANK YOU!! Way to go, K-Web!! :)