Wednesday, January 30, 2008

too much of a good thing...

The snow was a ton of fun at first. I loved having a day off. Things are getting a bit out of hand now. Yesterday was a 2-hour late start. Again, kind of nice. Apparently, there's still quite a bit of the white stuff out in Issaquah and up in the higher elevations (our district is huge and covers quite a bit of land and elevation levels too). This morning I woke up, showered, packed my lunch and then answered a phone call from Mike (he's the one who calls me on our Emergency Phone Tree. Turns out we didn't have to report to school on-time due to a 1-hour late start. Really? Now there's word that the higher elevations in the glorious city of Issaquah are due for some more snow this evening. Crazy! We have content to cover and curriculum to power-through! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!?! It's like being a kid all over again!

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