Sunday, January 13, 2008

sick simmons...

Guess who doesn't feel so hot these days? My husband is a bit under-the-weather. He is not one to complain when he's ill and typically he tries his best to tough it out. Not this time around. It came on yesterday morning - nice and subtle. Today he woke up feeling worse. He helped with worship, so he was up early. After church, we came home and he seems to feel worse with each passing our. For the last 3 hours or so, he's been in bed. Poor guy. I'm trying to finish a paper for my master's class. Once I'm done with that, I'll head to the store to pick up some stuff for Ben. After that, it's time to enter grades and get some of my planning squared-away before the new week begins. Exciting times at our home.

(Ah, and to think that there is a Brazilian bash taking place up in Edmonds only adds to the misery that's unfolding here - as though I'm missing out on something festive, bright, cheery, exciting, warm, whimsical and adventurous! Bridget, I hope you have the most perfect birthday celebration!)

P.S. The picture of Ben (above) was taken up at LBC the week we met. You can see why I quickly feel for this cutie! :)


Bridget Beth said...

It was wonderful. SOOO sad you couldn't come!

J Yo said...

It's okay, Anne...we'll start an "I Can't Believe I Missed The Brazilian Birthday Bash" club... :)