Friday, August 8, 2008

LOTS of wedding pictures...finally!

Thanks to Mrs. P, I finally have some photos to share from Jordan & Jamie's wedding!
Here are a few shots of the groom before the big event. He's so handsome all decked out in his tux!

I like this one (below) because it's so him!
How cute is this? Buzz & Jordan had a chance to say hello before the ceremony. Are they holding hands? Love it!
Now for the bride...SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I'm so blessed to have another great sister (she's been around long enough that she's felt like family for a while, but now it's official.)

Here's a picture of the church (out on Fox Island) just before the ceremony begins. It's was beyond gorgeous.

Bobby, fulfilling part of his role as the best man. Look at him light those candles!

Jordan & Jamie as it all begins...7 years after they started dating in high school. Such a sweet story!

Okay, so J & J decided that they wanted to do something a bit different (shocker, huh?). They busted out some red clown noses as the pastor pronounced them husband & wife. I love their twist on things...they are going to have a life full of laughter & love!

Some of the handsome groomsmen...

We'll start with Ben & Michael - and Robb's in the background along with Tim & Liz.

So cute! Love him!

Look at these guys...they're some of my very favorite people in life! I love them all so much!

Jordan & Jamie have some great friends who came from all over to be a part of their special day. Below is a shot of Caleb and Jared...honorary groomsmen. They are a ton of fun, they fit right in!

Another cute one of my honey-baby-sweetie-pie. :)

I wish Michael wasn't stationed in Japan. He needs to come home to be closer to his family! We miss him when he's not here.

My dad has a great smile...those dimples are starting to peak out. I love this picture.

The silly cake-topper. You gotta love the role-reversal.

Cutting the cake...
Some cute are Jim & Brenda (Jamie's folks)?!?! We love that we're all one family now!

Watching the toasts...

Here's our table shot.

We had to take another one to ensure that Michael was included.

Let the dancing begin...

My mom looked so beautiful and totally classy! Unfortunately, the Horjes family (mom's side) has a way of closing their eyes each time their picture is taken (I'm not kidding). So as of now, you won't see many of her here.

The money dance - Ben couldn't wait to dance with Jordan. I'm so sad that the two of them don't get along better. :) Ben might actually like him more than he likes me.

Brenda (Jamie's mom) & the flower girl...

Bobby, being Bobby! Always good for a laugh. As I recall, he even prompted Mrs. P to take the picture. He's so shy.
The cute parents-to-be!
Below you'll find a few guest pictures...
First up, Jordan and Michael P. Each time one of us gets married, Michael makes it a point to stop by the house, give us a handmade card (we still have ours on the wall in the hallway), & wish us the best. He's so thoughtful & sincere. We love Michael!
Nana & Papa Weber...aren't they the cutest?!?!
Mom with Cindy, Joan, and Stacy...great friends who have been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember. It was such a blessing to have them there for the celebration!
Bobby with the VanPools - they used to live across the street. Now they're up in Seattle and we miss having them closer to home. They are quite possibly the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Anyone recognize this handsome fella? :)
Jordan & Robbie...old friends who look as though they are about to kiss?!?! Robbie knows how to have a good time. It was so much fun to see him during all of the wedding festivities. He's a great friend.


Chris/ty said...

Great pictures Anne! Looks like the family had a great time. I am so happy for Jordan and Jamie. They have been dating forever. It's about time they got hitched!

Yeah my dad's a stud, what can I say?

New Adventures said...

Everyone looks great. I am so sad that I could be there. Love you!!

New Adventures said...

I need to speel check these things... couldn't be there.

Robica said...

Congrats Jordan & Jamie! Jordan has grown up since I last saw him!

J Yo said...

So cute! I've been waiting to see pics from the blessed event. How fun. :)

Lisa said...

Congrats Anne! Andrew and I enjoyed viewing your photos, thanks for sharing!