Monday, November 10, 2008

i wasn't informed...

According to one of my students, John was the father of Jesus. Did you know that? :) He wrote in not other specifics - just that the stable was a place where John, Mary and Jesus gathered to wait for the 3 wise men. So sweet.

We have been working on different forms of prewriting/brainstorming. This young boy was choosing to write about Christmas. He might need to do some editing to his "historical" take on the birth of Christ.

Sometimes I am truly entertained by my students! I hope you all are enjoying your day at work (those of you at home are the hardest working of all) and laughing like I am!


Anonymous said...

Where did this info come from? Everything that I have ever read says that Joseph was Jesus' father. The 1st book of the New Testament (St Matthew 1:16) for instance.

anne said...

Yes, you're correct. I was just joking...I think the student made a mistake. I thought it was kind of cute. :)