Wednesday, November 26, 2008

wouldn't it be nice... have 2 Thanksgivings? One to share with the husband's side of the family and another to share with the wife's?

We do all sorts of crazy things for our spouses (i.e. this picture of Ben)...I guess the holiday trade-off is yet another adjustment. I wonder if it will always feel a bit foreign to miss out on seeing my family for Thanksgiving.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I love Ben's family. However, it's just not the same (I'm sure he would say the same about my family).


J Yo said...

As sad as it is to start trading years, it's so nice not to have to try to fit 2 huge dinners in your stomach in one day!! :)

anne said...

Yeah, we decided after watching Bobby and Kelli race from one place to another, that it would be best to take turns each year. That way you're not watching the clock...and you can actually relax.

At least I know I'm getting good food...regardless of the location. :)

Christy said...

Sometimes do you just wish you could turn back the clock 10 years for these holidays and not even have to worry about this stuff?? Just go where ever your parents go!

Lisa said...

Andrew and I have been racing between both sides of the family for 10 years and it was REALLY easy when both families lived in FW. I can't wait until we're settled near our families so that both sides can start celebrating the holidays at our home. Wait, that would mean I would have to learn how to bake a Turkey...Hmmm...Happy Thanksgiving! ;)