Monday, November 3, 2008

i'm a wildcat at heart...

Why didn't my high school days consist of singing and dancing in the cafeteria? Why wasn't there some cute athlete who fell in love with a smart and beautiful young nerd (or me)? Why didn't they star in our school's musical productions? Ah, I should have gone to East High!

Well, I must explain (or confess) that last night I went with my friend, Hillary, to see High School Musical 3. That's right, I actually paid to see this film. It was the sweetest little treat! I smiled throughout the entire thing...and at times I laughed a bit at the cheese factor. The dancing was so much fun to watch and the songs were enjoyable.

It was all I had hoped for and more! Go Wildcats!

(You can hate all you want...I was skeptical too.)


Anonymous said...

I admit it- I don't get the HSM craze,,,why is the cool girl named after a wrinkly dog? Please someone ! help me understand

Doreen T. said...

Ben didn't go see it with you? Haven't seen this yet... might wait for TV. But, I have to admit, HSM and HSM2 were an awful lot of fun to watch! Please don't tell anyone I said that; it might ruin my intellectual reputation. :)