Monday, October 19, 2009

some favorites...

This might be a little random, but these are small things that make me smile.  Maybe they'll brighten your day as well - and it will keep me from having to figure out this whole blogger update (see previous post).

In random order...
  • - this website is one I stumbled upon a couple years ago.  It contains coupon codes for so many online stores.  I check this website before I order anything online (I also check a few other searches if nothing shows up on retailmenot).  This site has greatly improved over the last few years and I'm hoping that most of you already have it listed as a favorite.
  • - this website gives me money back.  There's no catch.  If I want to buy something, I first head to retailmenot and write down the coupon code(s).  Then I head to ebates and look to see if the store I am looking to purchase from is listed.  There are literally hundreds of stores to shop.  It then links me to the store and I get a percentage of the final sale back.  Every few months, a check shows up in the mail and I head to the bank!  I've earned back $72.55 since I started with ebates.  Who doesn't love a little bit of extra cash?!?!  If you decide to give it a whirl, please include my email address so I can get a little something in return.  :)  Ben and Anne at gmail dot com
  • - this site allows you to trade books.  (Some of you hate to read, so you might want to skip this one.)  Here's how it works...I list my books and then wait for someone to request one.  When they do, I mail it out to them and receive a credit for the paperback/hardcover/CD.  Now, I can request one of the books that I would like to read.  They start you off with a few free credits to help get the literature moving.  As long as you're willing to be patient, the program works well.  I also enjoy this because it keeps the clutter, created by books, to a minimum.  And, instead of taking the books to Goodwill and feeling as though I'm not getting anything in return, I can at least trade them in for something I want.
  • sushi - Right now I can't seem to get enough of this stuff!  I never thought I would be one to embrace something like sushi.  However, about a year ago, Laura introduced me to some incredible sushi.  If you live in the area, you need to try Umi Sake House.  They have the most delicious food!  For those of you who have never tried sushi, you need to find someone in your life who appreciates this food and then ask them to show you the way.  You'll thank me!
  • Ben is no longer considered seasonal help - he's full time!  Praise the Lord!  Although his decision to quit his job was not something I wanted to face, I am so thankful he made the difficult choice.  I know it couldn't be easy, but we can both see the benefits now.  We trust that God provides, but to actually put that trust into action was not an easy task - it's still difficult at times (especially when we feel like ships passing in the night).  But we are incredibly thankful for what we have!
  • The Christmas shopping has started!  We're trying to be more thoughtful and intentional this year.  We've made plans to do something as a family, with my side, instead of exchanging gifts with the siblings.  However, that still leaves a few holes to fill...and I'm having fun doing that now.
  • cards - Oh, how I love making cards!  Now if only I could make some money doing what I love.  (Don't get me wrong, I love teaching.)  However, it would be sweet if this hobby of mine could pay for itself.  At least we don't have to throw away money on greeting cards.  We're set...and people seem to like the homemade version.
  • rain - I am actually welcoming the rain this year.  The cooler temperatures are kind of fun too!  Fall is my favorite season and this one is shaping up quite nicely.
  • posting - I like being able to select the time at which my new blog writings will post.  It makes me think that perhaps I should sit down and blog a few posts at a time and then schedule them to "appear" throughout the week.  That could be fun.

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I think you're the best. That's all. :)