Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to Mix-Up Day at Maywood Middle School!  :)

I wanted you to see my inspiration for this awesome outfit.  Click here to see the cutie pa-tootie!  It's a much better look when being pulled off by a young child.

love my job!

P.S.  The picture is not the best quality (in composition, clarity, and subject), but that only adds to the "Mix."  :)


J Yo said...

Hailey is so proud! Way to "mix it up", Anne!! ;)

Robin said... are hot. i just hope you ran some errands after school in this outfit. :) I always forget when it's crazy hair day until someone in the grocery line won't stop staring at me and i have to explain to them why i look the way i do...they usually just give me an awkward smile like they dont believe my story....also, let's not talk aobut my grammer in this comment, i'm typing with one fingr.

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

too funny Anne! Love the pants tucked into a boot! I so hope to see you next Tuesday, it's been waaaaaay to long!

kate said...

I love you Anne - thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. You make me smile whenever I see your name pop up. Sweet sweet lady you are. Love you friend and really hope we get to see each other in person soon.