Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas cuties!

Look who we saw today!  :)



They are getting soooooo BIG!  And at this stage, they are constantly making the most entertaining faces...enjoy!

Ben thought it would be fun to demonstrate Evie's silly smile.  She has a mouth full of teeth (at least 6 or so) and she likes to show them off when she grins.  Oh, and her nose scrunches up too.  Could this be any sweeter?

We went to dinner with Emily, Ryan and the girls...this was our Christmas present to each other.  While we sat there waiting for our food, Evie and Ella showed off some of their communication skills.  Ella (above) is really good at using her sign language.  This is her most favorite sign, "please."  She's smart enough to know that when she uses this sign, she'll be given something.  :)

Instead of using sign language to express herself, Evie loves to repeat the following "pease, pease, pease, pease, pease..."  Listening to her throughout dinner was hilarious!  She likes to eat and as a result, she finds herself saying this over and over.  Too funny!

It's so much fun to see my husband with these two!  He loves them so much (so do I).  It's a side of him I absolutely adore.  He'll be a great dad someday (not anytime soon though...this is not an announcement).

I must say, our time with them today was far better than any gift!  It will be so much fun to see them again on the 26th.  Oh, and next time I'll be sure to take some pictures of their mom and dad too (sorry about that Ryan and Emily).  :)

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