Monday, October 1, 2007

britney spears

You know it's big news when you walk into the office after the students have left and the secretaries are quick to mention the fate of some famous minors. Today, they were eager to tell me that Britney Spears finally lost custody of her 2 little boys. If a judge told me to clean up my act in order to see my children (that I don't have), I would certainly make an attempt. Poor Brit-Brit didn't even give it much of shot. She needs help...and so do her kids. Now they're going to be in the care of K-Fed?!?! Sad.


J Yo said...

Thank the Lord for those kids' sake!!! She is just such a trainwreck! I never thought I'd see the day that all the world would want to see sole custody granted to K-Fed...hopefully she'll get her act together now.

Shiori Oki said...

Hi! and sad for Brit-Brit:(