Sunday, October 28, 2007

weekend update...

Friday was complete chaos, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I showed up to school in my costume (a referee...boring, but practical for a busy teacher). The leadership kids busted out some candy grams, decorated for a social, cleaned up after the dance and did it all with a smile (I can't remember if I was wearing one or not?!?!). I quickly changed my clothes, helped with the sweeping and then raced out to Grandma Pauline's memorial. It was beautiful! She would have been pleased to see how her life was celebrated! I then raced home to meet Hillary. Once she arrived, we were off to the Seattle Children's Theatre. Mo Brady and Kasey Neusbickle did an incredible job and it makes me so thankful that our school is fortunate enough to have them directing the musical again this year. They are so talented! We loved it all! At this point, we made a stop at the Wild Ginger. I can't wait to go back...great food, awesome environment and good company too!

Since I don't have any pictures from our evening adventure, I figure these will have to do...

Hillary is learning how to text...this is how we passed the time last Friday while most of the school's power was out.

Saturday, Stacy and I did some Christmas shopping. We also enjoyed a nice lunch together. With Ben up on Whidbey Island (he went up Friday after school to spend some time with his cousins, attend a football game and wash some windows), I had to call up Laura to see if she wouldn't mind keeping me company. She was kind enough to come over and together we made a few more cards.

Sunday, we moved Bobby, Kelli, Mac, and Jack into their new house. Tonight is their first slumber party in the mansion. We emptied the storage unit, cleared out my parents' house, and managed to fit it all in the new garage. We'll head out there later this week and I'll be sure to take some pictures.

All-in-all, it was a perfect October weekend...complete with the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series (I can't believe that Steve and Cathy Pearson were there cheering on Jon Lester! Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!)

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J Yo said...

Bobby & Kelli have pets named Mac & Jack??? I love it! :)

Thanks for coming to Grandma's meant a lot to our whole family. And I did get your message on Friday!! Crazy... :)