Tuesday, October 23, 2007


  • No power at school on Friday - excitement, followed by chaos (and a great game of Bump in the gym), followed by a productive workday without students

  • Failed blog postings - a camera that won't work and a few ideas gone to waste

  • Creative cooking - what to make for snack tonight at B.S. (Bible study)?

  • Walk-a-thon - good times with great people!

  • Master's classes - endless papers, discussion ramblings, and tuition bills

  • Parents that don't really seem to care about their child's education - I don't get it and I don't know that I ever will (I'm realizing that Britney isn't the only one incapable of raising children)

  • Amazing weather - love the sunshine and the incredible fall colors!

  • High school meetings - catching up with former Young Life kids...could anything be sweeter?

  • More card making - love it!

  • Bobby and Kelli's new house - took my camera with me and the batteries died...regardless, it's huge, beautiful, in a great location, and we would like to move in!

  • Frustration - why does Blogger always change my spacing and mess with the format?

  • Shopping date with Ace - pictured below

  • Leadership class - love it or leave it?

  • Friday night fun - Hillary and I are going to Wild Ginger and the Seattle Children's Theatre

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