Tuesday, October 23, 2007

why bother with format?

This program needs some work...anyone else out there agree with me? Why can't I manually space things the way I want? Why does everything change once I add in a picture or two? Oh, I get it...that's why this is a free service.

I'm frustrated...can you tell?


Doreen T. said...

I agree; Blogger is very difficult to work with, but the price is right!

Fun to see you last night at CCFW!

J Yo said...

Believe me...I know!!! I curse this website on a daily basis...(with make-believe curse words, of course! :)

Christy said...

When I want to space out paragraphs and it isn't cooperating, I add a "space" and it will separate the text. Otherwise it shows as one big block of text for me. Blogger = Grrr

Erin said...

Ok so I was wondering the same thing! Blogger is a little cranky, but if it's free - it's for meeeeee! I love your blog - I'll visit often!