Monday, March 3, 2008

bring back robica...

I would like to encourage you all to leave comments insisting that Rob and Danica's blog be brought back to life. Regardless of the delay between posts, those of us who live far from these two enjoy the updates. We need some sort of connection and what better way than the glorious world wide web?!?! So, join me in the art of persuasion. I'm not sure of the magic number needed, so feel free to leave more than one comment.

D, Hottica, D$, Robica, whatever your name is...BRING BACK THE BLOG! (Now, please.)

P.S. I stole these pictures from Kara's blog. I am using Ben's computer and I don't have any images stored on here. Thanks for the steal K-Ham.


Kara said...

bring back the blog!

Robica said...

ok, ok! Your wish is my command. Miss ya!