Saturday, March 15, 2008

i want God's timing...

It is often difficult to understand what it is He wants or has planned in His will. Just this last week, our lives have been tossed about. I say that and realize that it sounds far more dramatic than it really is. It could be much worse.

Ben applied to Seattle U's Master's in Teaching Program near the beginning of this year. The start date is Fall 2008. All signs pointed to the fact that this would be Ben's next adventure. He graduates from the U at the end of the summer and then he would go to Seattle U and be ready to apply for teaching jobs in Fall of 2009. However, that's not what God has planned.

Ben was denied at Seattle U. We can’t help but believe that God has something better planned. We can either hold off and delay his start time for another year – pushing us out to 2010 – or we can take this as yet another sign that the door is closing and we should be looking into other fields. The first strike came when we realized that U-dub’s program was not scheduled to start until Ben was well passed his Math Degree. The letter from Seattle U is the second strike. We’re not convinced that we should sit around and wait for strike three. So, Ben is heading into the career offices at the U to see what kind of ideas they can provide. He’s not really sure of anything at this point in time. We just figure it can’t hurt to explore some options.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the reasons we were shocked by this letter from Seattle U (this only confirms that God has something better). Ben went to an open house before the applications were due. He spoke with the Dean and she explained that they try to balance their incoming students - math teachers, history teachers, English teachers, etc. Once Ben told her that he was applying with a math endorsement, she told him his odds just increased significantly. Apparently, they rarely receive math applicants. The Dean even went on to say that if she had 20 students apply with math endorsements, she would take them all.

Ben has emailed and spoken to several people at Seattle U. No one can give him any specifics as to why he was not accepted. They say that his application looks good and they would like him to apply for the classes that start next spring. It's bizarre.

All of this to say that we are seeking out God's plan. We thought we knew what the future held, and now we're not so sure. Ben and I are limited in our thinking. However, our Heavenly Father is capable of so much more! We find comfort in the fact that He knows our hearts and He will provide for us. I just wish God's time was a bit more like my own. :)

Pray for guidance and direction. Pray for peace, comfort, answers, and divine clarification.


J Yo said...

What a good outlook you have, Anne and Ben! We never know what God has for us...when I first met Todd, he was actively testing to become a police officer and was struggling to listen to God as to whether or not that was His plan or not...he (clearly) did not ever get hired by a police department, but God had other plans for us! Now Todd has this great job that allows him so much more flexibility to be able to do Young Life and spend time with Hailey and I. Whatever God has for you will be His best. :)

You'll be in our prayers, Simmons Family!

~Todd, Jess & Hailey

Chris/ty said...

You probably remember that Chris had big plans to be a photographer. :) That obviously also did not happen. So sorry to hear plans fell through. I know how it feels... although you know it will be God's best, it still doesn't take the sting out of it. I will be praying for a better plan B!


Bridget Beth said...

As I was reading this I had a vision of a big wall that you could not get over. Then the two of you became a vine and climbed over it.

(I know, weird. Maybe I've been gardening too much.) But I have faith for the both of you!

Robin said...

Hi Anne and Ben...I've been peeking in on your blog from time to time and I feel like now is a good time to make myself known. I just graduated from Heritage U with a MIT degree. They have a campus here in Seattle at SSCC (their home campus is in Toppenish) The program was fabulous, 18 months long, met Friday nights and Saturdays- that part was a bit grueling at first because I worked full time during the week as well, but I got used to it fast and it allowed me work to pay some tuition. This program costs far less than Seattle U and many of the others I looked into. It comes with a k-8 cert, so if you wanted secondary, than it wouldn't starts in May, but they are flexible and have a rolling acceptance rate, so you could start at the end of the summer and be fine...I encourage you to look into it if it at all seems interesting. I graduated in December and got a contract right away- such a blessing from the Lord...let me know if I can help any more! If you're interested, contact Judy Jennings. Go to the SSCC website, click on HEritage U, and you should find her email. Best wishes! Oh yea, I found your blog by way of Kara. Her bro and I went to high school/college together.