Friday, September 11, 2009

fun times...

Fun picture
This past weekend, Ben and I had an impromptu gathering at our place.  It all started with a text message, on Friday, from our buddy Chris (Kilcup).  He wanted to do something on Saturday since the weather was going to be nasty.  Ben and I figured we couldn't go wrong with video games and board games. 
Ben & Chris Playing Some Wii Tennis - Lots of Hard Work as You Can See
Ben called up his cousin Brandon to join us while I sought out the Platters - figuring the number of girls needed a boost and I hadn't seen them in a while.  :)  Annie and Abbie were kind enough to help balance out the gender quota.
Brandon, playing around on his laptop while the other two are Wii-ing.  Ha, ha...
Our place is super small, but we all fit in there rather nicely.  It was a low-key, enjoyable evening.  We introduced Brandon to everyone (the rest of us were up at LBC together this summer), caught-up with one another, ventured out to Carls Jr. for some dinner, played Catch Phrase, made brownies, and took turns playing all sorts of Wii games.
Chris would only agree to play Catch Phrase if I made brownies - but according to his recipe.  Of course I was more than willing to go along with that - who doesn't love brownies?!?!  The only requirement was that whatever brownies were made, a layer of peanut butter had to be added to the top.  Delicious!  Thank you Christopher!
I should have taken pictures throughout the night, but I only grabbed my camera once the girls left.  I was reminded of what life was like growing up with brothers.  The fellas were nice enough, but I could have done without the farts!  ;)


Alicia said...

Looks like you had a great time! I know we talk about getting together more often...but let's actually make that happen.


Jessie said...

We are addicted to Wii too. I have a REALLY good peanut butter brownie recipe. Let me know if you ever need it for extra ammunition against the boys.