Monday, July 14, 2008

this one's for robin...

Yep, we were at Coulon Park on Sunday evening. How funny. Do you have a blog too? I would love to read about your adventures...and then I would know what you look like should our paths cross again. Where were you in the park that you saw us? Maybe I remember your face.

I love the internet...bringing people together, secretly! :)


Robin said...

Wow! A whole blog post dedicated to moi?! =) We were walking on the path just below that big grassy guys were wearing sunglasses, and my Mark and I were not, so I had my hand over my face when I spotted you. Yes! I do have a blog!

What district do you teach in? I teach in Renton...yay for new blog friends! =)

Doreen T. said...

Anne, did you know that Robin & Kara went to the same high school? (Actually, Robin & Erik were in the same class. And Robin was at SPU the same time as Erik.) I can't believe you guys never met through Young Life contacts.

anne said...

Robin, we're practically BFF now...I read through your blog today and now I "know" you. :)

I teach in Renton, but the school is considered part of the Issaquah District (which is awesome)! I'm at Maywood Middle School. I wish I would have known that you were looking for a job a while back...we had a few openings at our school (and it's a great place to work). However, it sounds like the Lord had something else in mind. If you ever decide you want to work with 6th, 7th, or 8th graders, just let me know.

Doreen, I'm learning a lot these days about all of the blog/social ties. Looks like Robin is another person I can add to the list. It's so much fun to meet people, learn a bit about them and then recognize their connection to those around you.

Robin said...

Ha! BFFs indeed! I actually can't believe we never met either...we'll have to have a coffee date now, though! I had looked into middle schools- it's a long but neat story how I ended up where I am now...once again, need a coffee date. =)

Doreen- how fun that you have a blog! Looks like you guys are having all sorts of adventures! I plan to get together with Erik and Krista soon- they were a few of my fav people in high school/ college!