Saturday, February 6, 2010

happy birthday ky-lay...

Here is a quick post with some pictures from our adventure tonight at Sky High Sports.  It was so much fun - and an incredible workout!  (Please note that the following photos were quickly thrown together to create this post.  The lighting inside the facility is horrible, but you'll still get the idea.  Just don't judge my ability to capture this event on camera.)

Oh, and with so many pictures, I had to make up a bunch of collages.  Enjoy!

(Please take note of the small children fleeing from Kyle)

Kyle's girlfriend, Shelly, is hilarious!  Check out her facial expressions.  I loved watching her jump tonight...she knows how to have fun!  :)

Michaela's just amazing.  Check out her sweet moves!

My husband was in his element.  He loves this type of stuff...and he's rather good at it too!

Please pay close attention to the picture of Kyle - the one where he's pointing over his shoulder.  While we were waiting in the lobby to check-in, a random guy (in the blue shirt, same picture) came up to Kyle and said that he saw his birthday event posted on FB.  The stranger said that he was at Sky High for another event, but it still creeped us out a bit...espeically when left his group and joined ours.

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Robin said...

ew...creepy guy. Where is this place?! I want to go!