Sunday, February 21, 2010

worth bragging about...

Ben's entire family seems to be musically talented (understatement).  Mine, not so much...there are a few in the bunch, but we certainly don't/can't sing Happy Birthday with all sorts of harmony.  With the Simmons, I just lip the words for occasions such as a simple round of Happy Birthday...and I sit back and enjoy the blending of voices.  Seriously!

So, with that said, I think you will all be blessed by the song found over on Emily's blog.  Not only can she sing, but she can write too - a great blog post and a song for Jesus!  

The best part of it all?  She does it for the Lord!  You won't be disappointed, I promise.  :)  

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of us, Emily.


Stefanie said...

incredible!! What an awesome way to start my morning! Thank you for bringing this to us, Anne! And thank you Emily for putting yourself out there! You have an amazing voice!

Anonymous said...

Anne, this is amazing! Is Emily Ben's sister? What a gift! I just found your blog and it is really nice. I'm especially impressed with people who can keep up with a blog since I haven't updated mine since, well, sometime in 2007... I think. :)