Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hot stuff...

Yesterday was Ben's birthday!  With his big day falling on a Tuesday, we decided to stick close to home and invite those who live within a few miles - my side of the family.  Poor Ben was stuck celebrating with his crazy in-laws.  :)

I think he managed to have a good time.  You be the judge.

We headed to Mizu Japanese Steakhouse in Covington.  Ben absolutely loves this place...and I don't mind going because they serve sushi.  :)

Apparently, Ben isn't the only one who enjoys this restaurant.  The youngest Weber was rather impressed...his eyes glued to our chef for much of dinner.

Now I realize this shot isn't the most clear, but I love how I captured Gavin's reaction to the huge flame!

Jordan and Jamie joined us for the fun...I absolutely love these two!  We haven't seen much of them lately.  Hopefully, if Ben's work schedule continues to SLOWLY improve, we'll be able to carve out more time for family (both near and far).  It's been tough lately, but I'm praying!

Dad made the trek alone - mom's been super sick the last few days.  We had to make due by talking to her on the way home.  At that point, we filled her in on all of the details.  Although we missed her - it's not the same without her - we all had a bit more time with Gavin since she wasn't around to steal him.  :)

The Weber clan came all the way from Maple Valley - I think the drive was 2 or 3 miles at most.  (Look at all of those baby teeth!)

Obviously, it was Ben's birthday.  However, I couldn't help myself with the little guy around...hence the abundance of photos featuring Gavin. 

Look at those eyes!  Having been to this type of restaurant several times over, it seemed more fun to watch Gavin's reaction to the chef.  We had all seen this "show" before, but the little man found it all new and entertaining.

Remember this post where I talked about Ben's love for Sam (the cat)?  Well, apparently both of the cats - Sam & Jersey - have nothing but love for Ben.  They sent their own gift to him on his birthday.  Check out their wrapping skills...paw prints and all.

Look at Sam & Jersey's gift to Ben - a dryer sheet, a few kitty toys, a black cat cut-out, a wine cork, and some wadded-up cash.  (My mom is quite possibly the most creative person this world has ever seen.)

Happy birthday to the smartest, silliest, strongest, sexiest (you saw that one coming), strangest, sweetest man I know!  I hope you enjoy this image of him using one of his new birthday presents.  :)


Emily Brotherton said...

I don't know about sexy...but he is a pretty good guy! Happy birthday brother!!!

Chelsea Bell said...

Umm love the last one brushing his teeth...awesome-Happy Birthday Ben!