Monday, February 15, 2010

happy valentine's day...

Here's a peak at some of the miniature treats I gave out today.
This is what they look like on their own.  However, I felt they should be grouped before handing them out.

This one was for Bobby, Kelli & Gavin.  The adults had red hot candies inside their boxes while the little man received some Gerber Puffs.

I saw this idea a while ago and decided that I would have to try creating my own.

I had a lot of fun...even if I waited until yesterday (Ben was working) to put the idea into action. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  ♥


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

those look awesome! and good photography too!

J Yo said...

You are unbelievably talented, Anne! You need to have workshops sometimes to teach us who are "craftily-impaired" how to do fun stuff like this!! :)

Robin said...

amazing, amazing, amazing! Okay, I'm putting you down to create the party favors for all my daughter's birthday parties...forever. =)

Robica said...